David Campbell McMurray
1947 - 2024
David Campbell McMurray
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If you looked up the definition of a "good man", you would see David Campbell McMurray born in Saint John, New Brunswick on August 24, 1947. David was the epitome of goodness. A man who valued family above all else. A great provider and protector of his clan.

David deeply loved his wife of 45 years, Patricia McMurray, and in his later years professed to is kids his gratitude for her love and commitment to walking by his side and caring for him over decades. He would say to his daughter ‘This is love in action. This is what love is. I’m the luckiest man to be this blessed’.

Together, David and Patty raised 4 children who were his pride and joy and who he loved endlessly. He is survived by Jay McMurray (Moncton, NB), Jodi McMurray (Courtenay, BC), Jason McMurray (Moncton, NB), and Keith McMurray (Laura Labreque of Acme, AB). The light of Dave’s life were his grandchildren - Devon, Ethan, Amelia, Sebastian and Tristan. His daily dose of joy came in the form of his beloved dog, Oscar. David is also survived by his best friend, Frank Belliveau, his sister, Susan Deverenne (Saint John, NB). he also survived by his many cherished family members on his wifes side, to many to list.

For 25 years, David worked as an air traffic controller at the Riverview Air Traffic Control Center, modeling what it meant to love a job with all your heart. He had a formidable work ethic, looked forward to work every day and was proud of his professional service. David worked hard to provide for his family and encouraged and supported his kids and grandkids, sometimes coaching and always cheering them on in sea cadets, judo, baseball, hockey, dance, swimming and skateboarding. Whatever their hearts desired, whatever dreams they had, he actively championed them to follow their passions. He created deep solid roots so they could all soar in directions of dreams knowing they always had a safe place to return to.

David walked through life with a commitment to being kind, seeing the best in others, being generous in spirit and holding the belief that we could all make the world a better place. His heart was mighty and his love was vast. His smile was infectious and his presence grounding.

He found peace in solitude and was often stoic and stubborn. He believed there’s a silver lining in everything, and that the toughest lessons are blessings in disguise.

He loved the simple joys in life - sitting around a campfire pondering the stars, tending to his fish and creating beautiful aquatic landscapes for them, taming squirrels and feeding them by hand, bird watching, playing and snuggling with Oscar, coffee from McDonald’s, peanut buster parfaits, Sunday drives to nowhere and always rolling down the window when farms were freshly manured.

Dave had a curious and creative spirit. He loved music- from old time rock and roll, to country and gregorian chants, and he loved sharing it with everyone. Art spoke to his soul, especially Carl Brenders work, and over the years Dave created his own art, developing worlds from paper mache, and polymer clay, to falling in love with woodworking, and carving.

Dave was a hobbyist with a wide range of interests - trains, planes and automobiles being at the heart of most things. Taking his kids to stock car races, motorbike trips with his eldest son, Jay and were some of his favorite things to do. Much to his wife’s dismay, he was also a collector of sports cards, comic books, model military equipment and cars, pez dispensers and beanie babies. He loved to collect and curate.

Dave had the sharpest mind and an insatiable curiosity. He poured over Encyclopedias with the kids when they were young, and never missed the news to stay current on world affairs. He was always ready for a debate, though it wasn’t often one could change his mind. He was wise, the kind of wisdom that comes from lived experience, deep contemplation and valuing of lessons from those who have walked many paths, most very different from his own. He always had sage advice for any situation life had to offer, and he was a steady, constant north star for his friends and family.

Dave was a man of faith, deeply connected to the Holy Spirit. He prayed, and connected with his faith every day, and he taught us that we never walk alone and that the best prayer is ‘Thank You’.

We are joyous envisioning his reunion with so many loved ones who have gone before him, especially a homecoming with his mother, Mildred McMurray (nee Campbell), father, Louis McMurray, his brothers, Frank and Pat McMurray, father and mother-in-law, Bill and Marilyn Jarvis and his long missed friends Bobby Barnes and Peter MacIntyre.

We are beyond blessed to have known him and to be loved by him. He will be missed by so many, and joyfully remembered and eternally loved. Our lives will never be the same without him here. Dave would always tell us - "Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened", and in that spirit, we will organize a celebration of his life at a later date.

Respecting his wishes a time to share and celebrate his life will take place from Cobb’s Funeral Home and Cremation Center, 330 Whitepine Rd. Riverview (869-2007) at a later date in the spring.

David Campbell McMurray