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We already plan for
  • Our wedding
  • Our first Home
  • Our children's education
  • Our retirement
Should your funeral be any different?

Throughout your life, you have given thoughtful consideration to the important decisions you have made. Sensible people have always prepared for those things that might happen by taking out fire or health insurance. That's why being prepared for what will some day happen, makes even more sense.

"Advance funeral planning gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your funeral arrangements are taken care of, while lessening the burden on your survivors."

Association of Retired Persons

Funeral pre-arrangement plans select funeral services and merchandise before they are needed, often years before death actually occurs. There are several advantages of pre-arrangement:

Your Family

Without a doubt, the most important reason for pre-arranging your funeral is to spare your family numerous decisions at an emotionally difficult time. During this stressful time when reason is clouded, even the most sincere desire to create a fitting tribute can result in emotional overspending and other regretful decisions.

Peace of Mind

We often have special wishes concerning our funeral arrangements. Decisions made early provide you and your family the satisfaction of knowing everything will be taken care of according to your wishes.

Saving Money

If you choose to pay for your pre-arranged services and merchandise, those designated funds "freeze" the price of the funeral, protecting you from rising costs. For your added protection, pre-arrangement funds are held “In Trust” for as long as you are living, payable only at the time of death.

What are the advantages of making prearrangement’s?

Peace of mind and the assurance that your wishes are recorded.

Pre-planning provides an opportunity to ask questions and to get clear and concise answers on all aspects of the funeral.

Tax Advantages and inflation proof guarantees.

Personal choices can be considered and economic decisions made without emotional stress.

Family members are relieved of difficult choices at time of death. Prearrangement is a practical idea that makes sense.

Funeral Prearrangement is every bit a part of sensible estate planning, as is making a will  or signing a personal directive.

How can I prepay my funeral arrangements?

At Cobb's Funeral Home and Cremation Center, we offer a variety of affordable and flexible payment options, tailored to suit the needs of all families.

  • A unique, single payment option, which locks in the cost at today's rate with no monthly payments.
  • A different payment plan that allows you to postpone payment until a later date.
  • Low monthly payments for an extended period of time.
We do not charge a financing fee or interest on pre-arranged funerals. We make preplanning easy.

Can I transfer my prearranged funeral?

Certainly you can! After all it is your funeral plan. Since we opened our funeral home, a number of families have transferred their arrangements for their own personal reasons at no cost to them.

I have already purchased my cemetery lot, niche or urn. Can I still choose Cobb’s Funeral Home to take care of my arrangements?

Without question you can. Many people have made the decision to plan ahead by starting with purchasing cemetery property in advance and then consider prearranging their funeral. At Cobb’s Funeral Home and Cremation Center, we serve all cemeteries and churches in and around the greater Moncton area. Should you need our services to travel to a cemetery or church outside of Moncton, it will not be a concern for you or your family.

Online Preplanning Form

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