A Life to Celebrate and Remember

Just as no two people are the same, we feel that no two services that we offer for families should be the same. "A Life to Celebrate and Remember" means that when we are planning a service to commemorate a life well lived, we need to take the time to make it special and to tell the story of your loved one's life. These things take work and planning, but they add something special to a service and change things from a receiving line, into people sharing and wanting to hear stories.

We invite you to ask us about ideas and options to make something special and unique!

Memorial displays

A memorial display is a small look into a person's life that we set up for friends and family to share memories over. Usually pictures, keepsakes, collections, or memorabilia from different events are a part of the display and help tell the story of someone's life.

Custom printing

Memorial candles, prayer cards, and bulletins are some of the options available to help add to a special event. For example: maybe mom's squares were well known in the family, so we put the recipe on the back of the bulletin for friends and family to try making. We're always open to ideas and willing to find a way to make things special.

Food and catering

Receptions, visitations, and celebration of life services wouldn't be complete without snacks for family and friends. Whether you're looking for more standard fare like locally sourced sandwiches, squares, and trays or have non-traditional requests ranging from pepperoni pizza to charcuterie boards and wine, we strive to offer options for every taste.


Our sound system is clear and we have many options for music. We can have live music for our services or pre-recorded favourite songs can be selected to play during a service or to enjoy softly in the background.


We understand that sometimes people are not able to make it to a service. We now offer livestreaming and recording of our events and have added the ability to play pre-recorded eulogies or remembrances for those who are present or watching online.

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